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Belgrade City Tour The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is a surprising city where history has carved interesting sites, from Celtic fortresses to NATO bombing ruins, from Eastern Orthodox Churches to high rise communist-type apartment buildings and many more. more Belgrade Jewish Sites Tour The peaceful existence of the Serbian Jewish community was brutally interrupted in 1941, when the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia was occupied by the Nazis. Serbia has the sad fame of having been proclaimed by the Germans as the first... more Old Town Walk We offer you a guided walking tour in the centre of one of the oldest cities in Europe. Our tour could be a perfect introduction to Belgrade’s history but also a source of useful tourist information. more Belgrade Underground Tour Throughout the history Serbia was considered a strategically important gateway to Europe. Its capital city was especially desired by all attackers because of confluence of rivers Sava and Danube. more
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Manasija & Ravanica Tour We will start this tour along the Belgrade-Nis highway. Upon arrival at the Manasija monastery (founded by Despot Stefan Lazarevic in the first half of the 15th century), you'll visit the best preserved medieval fortification in Serbia... more Castle on the Danube Tour We will start with visiting a former capital of Serbia Smederevo, now a vast castle on the Danube surrounded by a modern town. You will tour the 15th century fortress, with its triangular shape, 25 huge towers and its moat and citadel. more Topola tour We will drive one hour to the town of Topola, at the heart of the Sumadija region (central Serbia). There you visit the memorial house of Karadjordje, the leader of the first Serbian uprising against the Ottomans in 1804. more Sremski Karlovci Tour We will drive into the fertile Danube valley to the handsome town of Sremski Karlovci where you can almost step back in time to its heyday 150 years ago. more
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Belgrade activities
Pub Crawl Belgrade is a big city with vibrant nightlife. The Belgrade Pub Crawl is your chance to go out and find best places on Belgrade’s nightlife map. more Go karting Go-karting is one of the most popular activities in Belgrade. It is great fun, especially for groups. You can check which one of you is the fastest on the go-karting track. more Paintball Perfect activity for tough guys. We can take you to best paintball fields in Belgrade so you can have a lot of fun while fighting with each other. more Shooting We can take you to shooting range in Belgrade and organize a special shooting session for your group. more
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