Ancient Roman footsteps in Serbia


In the Serbian Gamizgrad there are leftovers from the Roman Palace built in 298 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Galerius in order to commemorate the place of his birth. Today UNESCO is looking after the Roman heritage.

The building was known under the name of Felix Romuliana in honor of the ruler’s mother, who had the function of the priestess.. In the 5th century the palace was destroyed during the Hun attack.

For many years the archeologists didn’t know what was in this place. It wasn’t until the discovery of Galerius’ head’s sculpture the Felix Romuliana inscription that the doubts were blown away. The excavations, which started in 1953, allowed the archeologists to discover two temples, two palaces an unidentified building with a corridor decorated with mosaics presenting Greek gods. Around the complex there are also wonderful mosaics with geometric ornaments and hunting scenes, all surrounded by walls with four gates.

The architectural complex Felix Romuliana is open for visiting, and in 2007 it has been enlisted to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The entrance ticket costs 300 serbian dinars – around 2,5 EUR.

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