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Davolja Varos is a rocky land located in the south part of Serbia, about 30 km from Kursumlija city. Extraordinary landscape resembles the Turkish Kapadocja. There are over 200 towering rocks in various shapes and size. They are 2-15 metres long and 4-6 metres wide. Most of rocky chimneys are ended by andesite 'hats' which protect chimneys from erosion. As if they leave their 'hats, these rock formations fall apart. Davolja Varos is shrouded in legends what makes this place intriguing. An unusual acustic phenomena can be met there as well. Wind rustles between rocky chimneys and create extraordinary composition of whispers, sighs or squeals. There are also sources of two rivers: Davolja Voda (the Devil's Water) and Crveno Vrelo (the Red Well). Davolja Voda is rich in minerals.
One of the most spectacular nature wonders of Serbia is the wonderful Uvac River's meanders. The river flows across south-western Serbia in the region of Stari Vlah-Raška high plateau, wedged between Mt.Zlatar massif in the Southwest and Mt. Javor in the Northeast. The Uvac River flows out the Ninja Mountains and runs throughout Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It marks out the border between these two countries on the distance of 10 km. In the Uvac Nature Reserve there are karst formations: plains, depressions, sinkholes, potholes. Numerous caves are real attraction of that place. The largest known cave system in Serbia is 6185 metres long. Diversity of flora and fauna attracts as well. Griffon vulture can be found there
Drina is a river and a right tributary of the Sava river. It starts running in the intersection of two rivers: Piva and Tara and flows along the Serbia border. Drina is a popular tourist destination for people who want to spend their time actively. It is a perfect place for kayaking or rafting. On the Drina river there is located one of seven Serbia's wonders – a tiny home on the rock which is one of the main attraction of that area.

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