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The capital of Serbia is celebrating its a true renaissance in the recent years. Everyday, thousands of tourists come to Belgrad. Most of them is interested in nightlife, the cuisine and the friendly mood of the metropolis located on hills nearby the estuary from Sawa to Danube.

It would be too simple to say that the citizens of Belgrad have already forgotten about the war, which has shocked the former Yugoslavia. However, it does seem like they fully returned to their former Balkan glory, bursting into parties, dancing and singing. According to what Lukasz Przybylek from said during the “4 to 4” audition: “In this city the nightlife lasts all the way until dawn. If you want to feel the true Serbian mood, you should definitely go to Skadarlija. It is a monumental district of the bohemians and since the 19th century it gathers many artists in traditional Serbian restaurants known as the “cafanas” There you can listen to folk or gypsy music and see various spectacles.”

In Skadarlija you can also find the oldest beer brewery in Serbia, which was opened in the first half of the 19th century. We can go to one of the many buffets, bars and restaurants, which can offer local tasty treats. Przybylek convinces people: “Life doesn’t really begin there until the late evening. The bohemians’ mood that I have mentioned before makes us feel really special. At the warm autumn evening we can have a seat in the fresh air with our food and listen to delightful music. It’s very colorful, but it also has specific climate.

But if someone isn’t fond of local treats or music and prefers crazy fun around clubs, he should definitely go along the riversides of Sawa of Danube to a so-called “splav”, which is a small bar attached to the wharf. It is a disco club, a café and the centre of the social life. A woman interviewed by Ewa Burza said: Skadarlija is a typical Serbian district, while the small bars can offer lots of fun for an international bunch of friends It doesn’t matter if you came to Belgrad from Paris, London, Barcelona or Warsaw – in this city you will feel like in your favorite club, only abroad. It is a great occasion to meet people from around the world.

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