Manasija & Ravanica Tour We will start this tour along the Belgrade-Nis highway. Upon arrival at the Manasija monastery (founded by Despot Stefan Lazarevic in the first half of the 15th century), you'll visit the best preserved medieval fortification in Serbia... more Castle on the Danube Tour We will start with visiting a former capital of Serbia Smederevo, now a vast castle on the Danube surrounded by a modern town. You will tour the 15th century fortress, with its triangular shape, 25 huge towers and its moat and citadel. more Topola tour We will drive one hour to the town of Topola, at the heart of the Sumadija region (central Serbia). There you visit the memorial house of Karadjordje, the leader of the first Serbian uprising against the Ottomans in 1804. more Sremski Karlovci Tour We will drive into the fertile Danube valley to the handsome town of Sremski Karlovci where you can almost step back in time to its heyday 150 years ago. more Mount Avala Tour We will drive 11 miles south of the city to the 1,677ft high Mount Avala, where the ancient town of Zmov once stood, for a day of tranquility and lovely scenery. At the peak of the mountain is a terrace and the tomb of the Unknown... more Vojovodina Tour During this tour you will see the northern part of Serbia, Vojvodina - an autonomous province with multinational, multicultural and multi-confessional features that is the bread basket of the country and its most economically developed... more Vrsac & Kovacic tour On this tour we will drive 40 miles north-east of Belgrade to Kovacica to enjoy some unique artworks and to learn about an almost vanished way of life. more